Evelyne Haldimann


2017     BFA Photography, Hartford Art School at University of Hartford, W. Hartford CT


2016     Emerging Artist Exhibition, Branford Art Center & Gallery, Branford CT
2017     Human Solidarity Resistance Show, Branford Art Center & Gallery, Branford CT


Evelyne is a life-long New Englander, residing in Connecticut. In 2008, while working full-time at the University of Hartford, she matriculated as a part-time student in the Hartford Art School where she earned her BFA in Photography May 2017. Trained classically in the photographic arts, both analog and digital, Evelyne took to the Platinum/Palladium printing process. Her main focus is using a blend of digital and analog processing to capture pieces of everyday objects while honing in on only a portion, abstracting it to create new worlds. Her work is enabled by photons and the many things they strike. When you witness these strikes, pressed out in particles of metal and evaporated acids, don’t be alarmed. They aren’t accidents, they’re deliberate considerations of form. Conceptual constructions that happily exist as other worldly expressions of this concrete one. When not focused on her plat/pal printing, her photography philosophy is to capture life as it happens in front of her. She sees the physical world framed by the lens of her camera. Evelyne also enjoys other mediums such as pen & ink drawings, illustrations, and even dabbles in some painting.